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Expeditions, trips on Czech bikes
Naczelny Filozof's site. 5276 km on CZ to Crimea and 5931 km on CZ through Scandinavia.
Wysoki's blog. 3000 km through Czech and Slovakia on Jawa 1793 km, few Jawas and Bieszczady
Jawa 350 Style in South America
Site of Argentinian from last link.
A guy born in 1935 climbs on a Czech Jawa 350 motorcycle, made in 1957 and the two of them, both vintage editions, adventure their way up and over the Alps into Italy...and back...
Around the world on Jawie TS 350 and BMW. ENG Currently he has traveled through more than 40 countries and covered the total distance exceeding 100,000 miles.
Trips on CZ 175 i TS 350. Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania... Also on other motorcycles.
A lot of Jawa 350 Style trips. Argentinian traveller couple

Expeditions, trips, advices

Horizons Unlimited, website by and for the motorcycle traveller. Bulletin Board, Community, free Monthly E-zine, Travellers' Stories, and plenty of tips and info!
Over 70 thousand kilometers via the roads and side roads of Asia, Africa and Europe, 50 countries to visit, 15 months on the road, 2 adventure seekers and 1 motorcycle...
23000 km Trip "EnduroDontCry team is going on a new exciting trip:) Finally we are heading to Magadan and if Mum Russia will be good to us - a little bit further. A long time ago after seeing the movie "Mondo Enduro" and reading the book about a polish guy crossing Russia on an old Defender I knew I have to do this trip.""
Adventure Rider. Ride the world. Forum


Wolna Strefa Jawa CZ
The best Polish forum about Czech motocycles

Mz Club Forum
Blog Gustaw's Blog.

Collection of Miroslaw Dabrowki's huge oil paintings.

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