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10157 km through 17 European countries on Jawa TS 350 (27 hp, two persons, and a lot of staff). 38 days ( including 28 days on the road), average 350 km per day.

We have traveled from Poland (Zielona Gora), throught Ukraine Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, again Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France (and Monaco), Belgium, Holland, Germany and back home to Poland.

10kkm. Maybe it's nothing for new BMW, but on old Jawa it was extreme expedition :), I was owed this trip to her (it). Many, many hours in garage We spend about $4700 (not including preparation of motorcycle) but it was worth of it. We had to choose, buy new bike, and go nowhere or go on an amazing adventure. First day was the worst. 70 km and the rear tube exploded (we had luck, because it was on straight road). Our Chinese tube had a lots of defects. Next day we bought heavy cross tube (4,5 mm side), but still I though "what if we can't make it". Black sea was the point where coefficient of shame would reset :P


  • speedometer's and tachometer's lines burst

  • 2 spark plugs went bad

  • third spark plug has unscrewed once

  • muffler bolt has unscrewed too

  • intercom plug was burst

  • and the worst. Rear tube exploded.

"Prawdziwa podróż odkrywcza nie polega na szukaniu nowych lądów, lecz na nowym spojrzeniu."
Marcel Proust

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